Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Crossing One - Facing Another

Day 3 - 6/6/17 - Rose Lodge, OR to Corvallis, OR - 66 Miles

Average Speed - Good question

Hammock - n/a

Lodging - Super 8

Today I crossed my first range, the Coastal Range.  I was feeling pretty good about that until later in the day, when I looked to my left and saw this...
Forgive me the blurry pic, my camera is not the best in the world, but if you look close in the middle of the pic you will see a giant, snow capped behemoth.  That is Mt. Hood!  The King of the Cascades in Oregon, and in a couple days I will be in their midsts.  I hope to get a better pic for you then.

Today was a hard slog.  Not much scenery, just hot with an unrelenting sun.  I better get use to that, because I suspect there are a lot more of those days to come.  We planned to camp tonight, but when we got to town, we found out the campground was 4 miles off route.  We were too spent to ride 4 more miles, so we opted for a motel.  Ate at  a local brewery and I practiced my sketching.

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