Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Capes and Goodbye Coast

Day 2 - 6/5/17 - Bay City, OR to Rose Lodge, OR- 58 Miles

Average Speed - up and down

Hammock - Y

Lodging - Salmon River Evergreen RD Park - $10 split 2 ways

I learned about capes today.  They are those masses of land that jut out into the ocean.  They are beautiful and powerful to behold, but they are also something else.  This picture is a snapshot of a small part of the elevation profile for today.
You see that pointed thing between Netarts and Sandlake.  That's a blasted cape.  I have a love hate relationship with capes.  I hate the climb, but I love the view.

A view North from the top of Cape Lookout

A view south from the top of Cape Lookout

After 2 days of spectacular weather and views, riding along the coast of Oregon, I bid it goodbye today.  The next ocean I see will be in VA.  The parting was bitter sweet.

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