Saturday, June 10, 2017


Day 7 - 6/10/17 - Prineville, OR to Mitchell, OR -  48 Miles

Average Speed - Would have been faster without all the stops

Hammock - no

Lodging - Spoke'n Hostel

Today was all about Ochoco.  It started last night when we had dinner and a couple beers at Ochoco Brewing Company in Prineville.  This morning we followed Ochoco Creek, entered Ochoco National Forrest and after 34 miles of uphill summited Ochoco Pass.

The real treat of Ochoco greeted us as we flew downhill.  The Ochoco Mountains are absolutely gorgeous.  I wore my brakes out with all the stopping to take photos.  You know it was beautiful when I pull myself away from the adrenaline rush of a 7 mile downhill!  Don't take my word for it, check out these pics...

We pulled into Mitchell planning to stay at the local campground when at the entrance to town we happened upon the Spoke'n Hostel...

This place is an absolute jewel.  The rain poured outside as Jalet showed us around.

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