Friday, June 16, 2017

Evil Knievel

Day 12 - 6/15/17 - Oxbow, OR to Council, ID - 63 Miles

Average Speed - My bike computer had a hiccup

Lodging - Courthouse Hill Park - free

The highlight of the day was the first 12 miles.  We rode through the Snake River Canyon (Hells Canyon) from Oxbow Dam to Brownlee Dam.  It was a nice ride, scenic with no traffic. 

During those 12 idyllic miles I kept thinking about Evil Kneivel.  What boy growing up in the 70s didn't idolize Evil Knievel?  I thought about the red, white and blue bicycle I got for Christmas.  I thought about the make shift ramps I jumped as a kid.  I even tested the ramps by riding up them and stopping to visualize the jump, just like Evil Knievel.

At Brownlee Dam we crossed the river and I officially bid farewell to Oregon and entered my second state on this trip - Idaho!!
We are staying in the city park.  We had to call and get permission from the sheriff's office.  Welcome to small town America.

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