Sunday, June 11, 2017

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie or a Cliff Bar

Day 8 - 6/11/17 - Mitchell, OR to John Day, OR -  70 Miles

Average Speed - I'll need to check that

Hammock - I'm  going to stop tracking this

Lodging - Grant County Fairgrounds - $15/2

Today started with a steady 6 mile climb up Keyes Creek Pass.  The temps were in the  mid 40s but I was sweating profusely up the climb.  I hated to stop and rest because I would immediately start to freeze. 

Once at the summit, I stopped for a quick pic and then pointed my bike downhill...and what a downhill it was...I'm talking 32 miles of downhill...did you get that...32 MILES!!!  This jewel of a downhill followed Mountain Creek as it meandered through what I will call a canyon with towering mountains, cliffs and rock walls that were beyond my grasp of the human language to describe...
We stopped for lunch at a small cafe in Mount Vernon, OR.  The special for the day was homemade spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and dessert.  I got the raspberry, rhubarb pie to go.

After lunch we followed the John Day river through a valley that was surrounded by  rolling hills,  dotted with small pine trees.  It was a slight uphill grade with a tail wind.  It was a pleasant ride.  20 miles down the road I stopped, dug out the spork and ate the pie.

Raspberry, Rhubarb pie vs a Cliff Bar...we aren't really going to debate that are we???

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  1. Paul, Cindy and I are enjoying your daily post. Very interesting, thanks for keeping this up daily. We wish for you to have the wind behind your back, good weather and good health.