Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hot Springs

Day 16 - 6/19/17 - Middle of Nowhere Half Up Lolo Pass to Powell, ID - 42 Miles

Average Speed - I'll get back with you on that

Lodging - In lot behind Lochsa Lodge Store - free

We started out early this morning, fog still lingered on the mountains and the sun cast early morning shadows. 

The schedule had us logging in 61 miles, while cresting Lolo Pass and staying in Lolo Hot Springs.  Did you catch that "The Schedule"?  For the past 15 days we have been precisely on "The Schedule" that I tentatively laid out months ago!  What's the deal with that???

A few nights back we met Ian, a young man from Scotland riding East to West.  He told us about some really nice natural hot springs just a mile hike off the route.   When I saw those hot springs on the map...

I am now officially behind schedule...and...I couldn't be happier about it.

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