Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All Work...No Play

Day 9 - 6/12/17 - John Day, OR to Phillips Lake (19 miles from Baker City, OR) -  62 Miles

Average Speed - faster than a tortoise (barely)

Lodging - Union Creek Campround - $12/2
My quest east today took me over 3 passes, each surpassing 5000 feet elevation.  This was a put your head down and pedal kinda day.  No time for lolly gagging, sight seeing or stopping to admire the scenery.

This last pic was Sumpter Pass (elev 5,082 ft)...no sign...what's the deal with that!!

It was work...work...work...except for...

The field of wild flowers near the top of Tipton Pass...
The massive, snow capped Elkhorn Ridge  north of Sumpter Pass...

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