Friday, June 23, 2017

Vigilantes Trail

Day 20 - 6/23/17 - Dillon, MT to Ennis, MT - 73 Miles

Average Speed - You don't need to track my speed with radar

Lodging - Camper Corner - $15

I woke this morning and it was freezing.  I started the ride with several layers on, but soon began to shed. 

I passed Beaverhead Rock, so named by Shoshone indians and referred to by Lewis and Clark as the Corps of Discovery made their way to the Pacific.
The morning ride was pleasant, with minimal winds, cool temps and nice views of surrounding mountains.
The afternoon ride took me back in time.  It was like I was in the wild, wild west.  I followed the Vigilantes Trail which was the stomping grounds for the Montana Vigilantes.  There was no traffic and I was all alone, my mind got to playing tricks on me and I got to wondering if there were outlaws in dem dar hills.
I made it to Virginia City and thought about stopping to wash down some of the trail dust...
...but I had more miles to travel, so I mounted my trusty steed and pushed on.  The road out of Virginia City pointed straight up.  I had to really push hard.  Once at the top, I had a 10 mile downhill to take me to Ennis.  The scenery was breathtaking...

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