Friday, June 16, 2017

Wild Ride

Day 13 - 6/16/17 - Council, ID to Riggins, ID - 61 Miles

Average Speed - About the same as the Little Salmon River

Lodging - Big Eddie RV Park - $28/2

Today started kinda humdrum.  We rode out of Council and started climbing.  Not a hard climb, just up.  There wasn't much from the standpoint of scenery.  I was actually thinking I might not have a picture to post.  There was a threat of rain, but it held off.  We stopped around 11:30 in New Meadows for lunch.  Nothing much to talk about.  Just a day in the saddle.

After lunch we found ourselves riding along the Little Salmon River.  It was so quiet and calm as it gently wound its way through the valley.  I was thinking how nice and relaxing it would be to kayak that river...then...we started to go downhill and all HELL broke loose. 

The downhill was steep, the road was helmed in by towering rock cliffs on one side and the Little Salmon River on the other, it started raining hard, there was little to no shoulder,  there was alot of traffic, particularly truck traffic like semis and logging trucks...the downhill was curving and fast...and the river was determined to keep up the pace.  The Little Salmon River transfomed instantly from a gentle flowing river to a raging beast in an instant...

The raging river...the torential downpour...the towering rock walls...the steep descent...the speeding all combined to make that downhill the most exhilarating ride of my life.

The rest of the ride I was simultaneously pumped and a bit drained from the rush of that downhill.  I smiled and took in the scenery.  On this ride...much like never know what's around the next corner or in this case over the next hill...keep moving forward and leave yourself open to what it brings...and embrace it.

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