Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Finally Over

Day 17 - 6/20/17 - Powell, ID to Hamilton, MT - 82 Miles

Average Speed - Everything is all right

Lodging - County Fairgrounds - free

For 3 days Lolo Pass was my destination.  I was beginning to think it didn't exist.  It was like one of those dreams where you know where you want to go, but no matter how hard you try, you can't get there.

This morning I was up early and on the road.  I was determined to find out if the pass really existed.  1 hour and 45 sweaty minutes later I crested Lolo pass!!  In so doing I bid farewell to Idaho and found myself in Montana.
After dropping down from Lolo Pass , I headed due south and rode 36 miles through the Bitterroot Valley.  I spent 3 hours with the beautiful, yet intimidating, Bitterroot Range on my right.
It was my longest day so far and toward the end I began to fade.  Then I came across this bilboard...
I guess flowers growing out of rocks isn't the only thing that can motivate me to dig deeper!

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