Thursday, June 22, 2017

Skeeters and Gophers

Day 19 - 6/22/17 - Wisdom, MT to Dillon, MT - 66 Miles

Average Speed - Fast enough to scare the dooky outa some gophers

Lodging - Dillon KOA - $22/2

The wind was not my friend yesterday evening while I was setting up my tent.  There was a pond just downwind, so I was real careful when setting up my tent.  I wish I were just as careful when it came to blowing up my air mattress.  Just when I had it full of air, a gust of wind blew it out of my hand.  Wanna guess the first word out of my mouth as my air mattress went sailing into the pond.

As if the wind wasn't bad enough, the mosquitoes were attrocious.  One of the locals in the Antlers Saloon told me they liked mosquitoes because they pulled the grass up.  Grass is pretty important in the Big Hole Valley since cattle ranching reigns supreme.  As I lay in my tent last evening, an airforce of mosquitos were dive bombing to get in.  Thank goodness the screen held up.

Due to wind and no chance of rain, I skipped setting up the rain fly.  Temps dipped into the 30s and I woke up this morning to frost on everything, including the outside of my sleeping bag.

My ride today started with me riding south through the Big Hole Valley.  There were dozens and dozens of gophers on the road.  They sat on their hind legs and watched me coming.  As I grew closer they ran to the side of the road.  I felt like a Tour de France rider climbing a mountain and the crowds parting to let me ride through.

I climbed out of the valley along the same route that Lewis and Clark took, which was an old Indian trail.  Not much has changed in the 200+ years...except that now it is paved.

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