Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dipping My Rear End

Day 1 - 6/4/17 - Astoria, OR to Bay City, OR - 67 Miles

Average Speed - plum forgot

Hammock - Y

Lodging - Bag City Campground - $12 split 2 ways
I had already prepared a straw man post of my opening day, anticipating the emotion.  It started with the staggering number of miles between me and home.  I blathered about feeling overwhelmed.  I wrestled with how I was gonna do it.

When the moment actually arrived, I didn't have any of the emotions I anticipated.  I was calm and matter of fact.  There was a sense of peace.  I simply clipped into the pedals and started.  I had no sense of urgency.  I simply enjoyed the moment and there was alot to enjoy.
Our campsite was perfect.  Flat ground to pitch a tent...running water...a portajohn...what more can a man ask for...no wait, what is that 1 block away...a pub with a nice selection on tap...I'm gonna sleep good tonight.

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