Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Peoria Road

Day 4 - 6/7/17 - Corvalis, OR to Coburg, OR - 36 Miles

Average Speed - kinda like flying, but not

Hammock - no

Lodging - Eugene Camping World - $20 split 2 ways

Such an unassuming name for an amazing road.

Today was a short day.  Keith had to ride into Eugene to get his bike looked at in one of the shops.  He rode ahead and I rode alone all day.

Peoria Rd paralleled the Williamette River.  It was smooth, with a good shoulder and minimal traffic.  What a contrast to the nightmare roads we rode yesterday. 

It was a cool, overcast morning.  What a contrast to the blaring, unrelenting sun yesterday. 

The winds were calm.  What a contrast to the gail force headwinds of yesterday. 

The terrain was flat.  What a contrast to the insane, unending hills of yesterday.

It was quiet and peaceful.  What a contrast to the cacophony of truck traffic of yesterday.

It was a perfect ride to unwind.  I relaxed my shoulders.  Softened the muscles in my face.  I entered a state of mindfullness.  Mindful of each pedal stroke...the cool breeze blowing through and around me...the view.

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