Saturday, June 10, 2017


Day 6 - 6/9/17 - Halfway Up McKenzie Pass  to Prineville, OR - 73 Miles

Average Speed - Started out lower

Hammock - no

Lodging - Crook County RV Park - $16 split 2 ways

I took this picture near the summit of McKenzie pass.  It captures the dangers and beauty of this place more than any other.

I don't  even know where to begin to capture today.  Despite the miserable conditions of last night, I slept well.  I woke up at 5:30 am.  At some point in time through the night the rain stopped and all the water dripped from the trees.  I woke to complete silence.

After packing up and enjoying a cup of hot coffee we were off.  The climb to the top was surreal.  I'll  let the pics speak for themselves.  Think snow...sleet...cold...fog...lava...another planet...a place we don't belong but are drawn to by its beauty...

Dropping down the other side was exhilarating...I was glad to get away from the summit.  I dropped down into completely different scenery.  The west side of the Cascades was lush and green, with thick tall fir trees.  The east side was dry and arid.  It holds a beauty all its own...

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