Tuesday, July 11, 2017

19 Miles

Day 38 - 7/11/17 - Ness City, KS to Larned, KS - 66 Miles

Average Speed - I got passed by a tractor

Lodging - Larned City Park - Free
Intersection of Escape

It was with inexpressible joy, mixed with tears,  that I reached this intersection.  19 miles earlier, I reached another intersection.  The 19 miles in between these two intersections was:

- 19 miles of hills
- 19 miles of unrelenting 30 mph headwind
- 19 miles of incessant noise
- 19 miles of blaring sun
- 19 miles of tormenting heat
- 19 miles of pure, unadulterated misery

The closer I got to the end of the 19 miles, the more the wind increased, as if its sole purpose that day was to crush me.  I literally got within 100 yards of the "Intersection of Escape" and the gust increased to such proportions as to almost stop my forward progress.

The first 33 miles of the day, prior to reaching the 19 mile section from hell, were truly glorious.  I was relaxed, pedaling easily, enjoying the country side and taking a lot of pictures.  All of this was overshadowed by those 19 miles.  I'll post those pictures in a day or two, but today I just want to lick my wounds...

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  1. Awwwhhhh. Thank the Lord 20 comes after 19! I hope mile 20 is FABULOUS! Love ya! Dq