Wednesday, July 19, 2017

When the Route has Other Plans

Day 46 - 7/19/17 - Ash Grove, MO to Mansfield, MO - 49 Miles

Average Speed - Higher than yesterday

Lodging - County Fairgrounds - Free

While I enjoyed my rest day thoroughly, it was good to be back on the bike.

This pic captures well what I faced all day today.  The hills are challenging and I had to scale back my expectations of speed and distance.  I must admit though, the curves and hills are a nice change from the long, straight, flat roads of eastern CO and most of KS.

My initial plan was to ride to Hartville, which is another 27 miles down the road, but the high temps and terrain had different plans.

I think the 70+ miles days are over for a while.  I'm finding that it's much less stressful, mentally and physically, when I'm flexible regarding my schedule and just accept what the ride hands me.

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