Tuesday, July 18, 2017

True Rest Day

Day 45 - 7/18/17 - Springfield, MO to Springfield MO - 0, none, zippo, nadda Miles

Average Speed - N/A

Lodging - Staying with Family - Free

Finally, after 44 days of climbing on my bike and pedaling...today was...a day where my butt never touched the saddle, my feet didn't clip into the pedals, my head donned no helmet, my hands were free of gloves and spandex lay idle in my bag.

Though today didn't include riding, it was a busy day.
I showered my bike with some much needed TLC.  After a good washing, I replaced the rear tire that I split back in Wyoming.  I was amazed at how worn the thread was on it.  I installed a new chain and handlebar tape.  Finally I made adjustments to the brakes and derailleurs and then tightened all the nuts and bolts.  Mechanically my bike is fit and ready to tackle the rest of this country.

It has been awesome being with family.  Mary and Eric have been awesome hosts.  Thank you both so much and Mary I want to specifically thank you for...the spaghetti dinner last night...the local and organic chocolate milk...driving me around...the filet mignon dinner tonight...the chocolate meringue pie...it was all very kind and thoughtful!!

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