Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Land of Dry Counties

Day 53 - 7/26/17 - Clay, KY to Fordsville, KY - 71 Miles

Average Speed - It seems to keep dropping the further I get across the country...I think

Lodging - County Park - Free

A cold beer or two after a long, hot day riding is like a little taste of heaven.  No matter how hard the day is, when I take that first sip, I sigh and think..."you know it wasn't all that bad".

So far, I'm batting a thousand when it comes to picking overnight towns that reside in dry counties.  Oh is what it is...but it sucks!

Once again I was on the road early...
I've passed through a lot of farmland on this trip and seen all sorts of crops.  Today the new one was...

The ride today was nice.  The hills continue, so I just focus on climbing one at a time while ignoring the speed display on my cycle computer.  Otherwise, I get frustrated and start yelling.  That's not very productive.

I've taken to setting up my tent in picnic pavilions...

There's some practical reasons for doing so.  First, I dont have to set up a rain fly so it is cooler at night.  Cooler being a relative term.  Second, the tent stays dry.  There have been storms passing through the last couple evenings, in fact it's storming as I type this.  I hate packing up a wet tent.  Third, it is easier to pack up in the morning since there are no stakes or rain fly.

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