Saturday, July 1, 2017

Interstate Travel

Day 28 - 7/1/17 - Rawlings, WY to Riverside, WY - 65 Miles

Average Speed - I was the slowest thing on the Interstate

Lodging - Lazy Acres Campground - $10

Yesterday I was worn out, so I climbed in the tent early.  Then it dawned on me.  The campground was right next to Interstate 80...the noise!!  I got to where I could tune out the steady drone of traffic and then it dawned on me that the campground is right by train tracks as well.  Every train (alot of them) that passed delighted itself in blowing their horn in repeated, long, relentless blast.  AAAAHHHHH!!!

This morning I woke up,  eager to get away from this treeless campground and the noisy interstate.  It turns out I wasn't done with the interstate quite yet.  A scant 7 miles into my route, the map had me turning left onto the entrance ramp to I-80.   I've been on this earth 55 years and riding on an Interstate is a first...
It was certainly efficient.  No curving around, an easy grade and a nice wide shoulder...BUT...the debri on the shoulder was a veritable mind field.  I was dodging broken glass, metal, car parts and...most of all...the shredded truck tire treads in which fine steel wire was entwined.  Luckily I navigated succesfully and suffered no flats.  Toward the end of my 13 mile stint in I-80, I ran into a construction zone where all the traffic was directed onto one of the west bound lanes.  I had the entire I-80 east bound to myself for a couple miles, but you had to be careful on the bridges.
I exited the interstate and headed due south.  For 20 miles this was my view...
Looking Forward

Looking Back

Looking Right

Looking Left
Toward the end of the day the scenery started to change to more trees and more green.  Check out my campsite.  
What a difference a day makes.  Don't worry, I already scouted the train tracks...sweet dreams.

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