Monday, July 3, 2017

Aspens and BIG Mountains

Day 30 - 7/3/17 - Walden, CO to Kremmling, CO - 79 Miles

Average Speed - I've been meaning to track that

Lodging - Hotel Eastin Hostel Room - $25
That's when you know you're in Colorado.

I started early this morning accompanied by nothing but my shadow...
...and roughly 4 hours later, this is where I stood!!
 Another big pass down and only one more to go and I will be done with the mountains out west.

On the downhill, I was met with a whopping headwind.  It slowed me down a lot, but that just gave me more time to enjoy the view...

Lori (my wife) criticized me for always taking pictures of mountains in the distance, so I decided to mix it up and take one of wild flowers...
The downhill actually ended at the headwaters of the Colorado River and it was my companion most of the afternoon.

I'm staying in the Hotel Eastin that has hostel rooms.  I have one to myself.  The hotel was first established in 1906.  Walt and his wife are restoring it.  This is a really nice place.

I'll leave you with a view from downtown Kremmling...

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