Saturday, July 8, 2017

Taste of Headwinds - Yuck

Day 34 - 7/7/17 - Canon City, CO to Fowler, CO  - 87 Miles

Average Speed - Yelling at the wind doesn't help

Lodging - Fowler RV Park - $10

The first 50 miles into Pueblo were all in all pleasant...some climbing... but...the temps were mild and the wind was behaving.
Flat Terrain to Come

Can You Find The Pronghorn?

Stream Feeding Pueblo Reservoir

Dam of Arkansas River Outside Pueblo

After Pueblo...well...that's another thing all together.  The terrain certainly flattened out and with that the wind had nothing to hold it back.  It was an afternoon of putting my head down and focusing on turning the pedals.

My initial plan was to stop at Boone, CO and spend the night.  I got there around 2 PM with 70 miles under my wheels.  In my infinite wisdom, I decided to push on.  Let the record show "I am an idiot!" 

Like I didn't have enough of the wind already that afternoon.

Like the heat wasn't already unbearable. 

Like I wasn't already tired.

Like the terrain wasn't a very slight, but steady uphill.

Like the water in my water bottles wasn't already near the point of boiling.

I decided to push on.  I spent the next 17 miles...yelling at the wind...yelling at the terrain...and...yelling at myself for my absolute stupidity.  At some point along the way I let go of it.  I stopped yelling and accepted the simple fact that I can't control the wind or the terrain or the temps or the fact that I ain't the sharpest crayon in the box.  It is what it is.  Accept it...embrace it...pedal!

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