Thursday, July 13, 2017

An Unexpected Visit

Day 40 - 7/12/17 - Buhler, KS to Newton, KS - 30 Miles

Average Speed - Didn't go far enough for it to register

Lodging - Day's Inn - $61
My Campsite in Buhler City Park

Last night I lay in my tent reading and trying to cool off.  I heard a voice say, "are you sleeping?"  I responded no and climbed out of my tent to meet Jim.  He was an 88 year old local that retired from the post office and for the next 10 years spent his summers riding his bicycle all around the US and Canada.  We sat and talked for the better part of an hour.  He was a really interesting and inspiring man.  You never know who's gonna come knocking on your tent and shape, in some way, how you view yourself and the world!

Today I only logged in 30 miles.  So, I guess you could call this a rest day of sorts.  I'm kinda stuck in between if you will.  It was either stop here at 30 miles or ride 100+ miles to the next town with reasonable services.  A hundred mile day in this heat is not prudent.  I would most certainly dehydrate myself to an extent that it could affect the rest of my trip.  Gotta think big picture!

I made the most of the day though and got a lot of stuff done.

I spent some time at the library cooling off, relaxing, reading and writing.

I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a hat, a front bike light and some seam sealer.  A few nights ago as I was weathering a storm, one of the seams in my tent had a small leak, right over where I lay my head!

I did some laundry, which was waayyy past due!

I spent a lot of time relaxing in my room soaking in the AC!

As for the ride today.  It was pleasant.  Knowing I only had 30 miles, I took it nice and easy.  While riding, I keep my mind and eyes open to new experiences and inspiration...

...I took this as a sign!

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