Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crossing Tail

Day 39 - 7/12/17 - Larned, KS to Buhler, KS - 78 Miles

Average Speed - It's inching up, well that's an exaggeration.

Lodging - Buhler City Park - Free

Sunrise Over Cattle Chutes

This morning I had my earliest start yet.  I strapped my headlamp onto my bike bag, drank a cup of cold coffee and was riding by 6:00 AM.  As you can see, I watched the sunrise as I pedaled east.

I rode through a 58 mile section where there were no services, so I had to carry extra water and food to keep me going.  It was a very peaceful ride...nice roads...minimal traffic.  It was made even nicer by a crossing tailwind.
Early Morning Irrigation



I stopped for lunch at a small cafe in Nickerson...

...and enjoyed the special for the day,  meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and a roll.  The waitress was even kind enough to refill my waterbottles with ICE water!!  WooHoo!!  What a special treat!!


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