Thursday, July 6, 2017

Near Zero Day - Canon City

Near Zero Day - Canon City, CO

Day 33 - 7/6/17 - 10 Miles West of Canon City to Canon City - 10 Miles

Average Speed - Didn't ride far enough for it to register.

Lodging - Parkview Inn - $75

I haven't had a rest day since Baker City, OR and I needed it.  So, I rode a short distance to Canon City, CO...took care of a few errands and then boarded a train for a 2 hour ride through the Royal Gorge.  It was nice to sit in a comfortable seat, enjoy a cold beer and be moving without pedaling!

The jewel of this rest day was my motel.
Parkview Inn

My Room Tucked Away in Corner

A Bed and AC

It's nothing fancy.  It's a small room.  It's my little piece of the world.  It's a luxury.  I love it!!

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