Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I Use to Love Roller Coasters

Day 44 - 7/17/17 - Pittsburg, KS to Ash Grove, MO - 72 Miles

Average Speed - It took a beating today

Lodging - Staying with Family - Free
Bull Fog

I started riding at 5:30 AM.  7 miles later, I bid farewell to Kansas and hello to Missouri, my 7th state on this tour.  Missouri didn't say hello in return until later in the day.  I'll get to that in a bit.

As I was taking the above photo, Seth, an east bound rider from CA, came up behind me.

About 35 miles into the ride I came to Golden City and the world renown Cooky's Cafe.  What is it renown for you may ask?  Pie...
My First Piece - Chocolate

My Second Piece - Blackberry

They had both just come out of the oven...they were warm, fresh and melted in my mouth!

After Golden City was when MO welcomed me fondly with countless roller coaster hills that will be my joy ride for the next 4 or 5 days.  I use the term "joy" loosely here.  They might truly be a "joy" if the uphills had those clicky chain things that would pull me to the top...but they don't.

In Ash Grove, Mary, my sister-in-law (Lori's sister), picked me up and I'm going to spend a couple nights with her and her husband Eric.  They live just outside of Springfield.

So tomorrow will be my first day NOT riding my bike on this trip!!  I may not even look at it:-)

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