Saturday, July 29, 2017

Almost Chilly

Day 56 - 7/29/17 - Springfield, KY to Berea, KY - 63 Miles

Average Speed - Need to factor in the winds

Lodging - Camping behind fire station - free

This morning when I pushed my bike outside the motel, I was pleasantly shocked with how cool it was.  I was tempted to put on my wind breaker, when I recalled the stifling heat of the last several weeks.  Ain't no way I was gonna block any of this cool wind.  I relished in it for most of the day.

Today's ride was uneventful.  More rolling hills through scenic, rural Kentucky.

I am camping behind the local fire station.  The lieutenant that showed me around casually commented that tomorrow I ride into the mountains.  Really?  Did he have to say that?  Can't I be given the luxury of relishing in completing another day without worrying about tomorrow until tomorrow?  Now I have to worry about tomorrow tonight...

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